Best Wod of The Week 8/20/22

August 19, 2022
Best Wod of The Week 8/20/22


Similar to last week, we are having a Saturday FUNDAY! No scores, just some good ol' fashioned fun!

You will be moving through the work-out a bit different however....

1:00 on a movement, 0:30 to transition to the next movement in that station

REPEAT in the SAME STATION then rotate to the next

For example:

1:00 Burpee over boxes - 0:30 transition

1:00 KB Farmers Carry - 0:30 transition

1:00 Burpee Over Boxes- 0:30 transition

1:00 KB Carry - 0:30 transition


Station #1

Burpee Over Double Stack Boxes

Kettlebell Farmers Carry

Station #2

DBall Backward Tosses

Backward Sled Drag

Station #3

Tire Flips

PVC Jump Overs

Station #4

DBall/Atlas Stone to Shoulder

Shuttle Cone Transport

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