Fitness Friday 6/25/22

September 23, 2022
Fitness Friday 6/25/22

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Fitness Friday

How could you forget about station day???? 9:00 in each station - 4:00 to transition to the next!

The Mobility


For 8:00 or 3 rounds you will work through the following movements. Everyone will do this first part, and then depending on where your coach put you for the workout, you will do a station specific warm-up.

Station #2

Station #1

On a 2:00, starting at 3-2-1 goYou will have 1:00 extra at the end for clean-up.���� Try to talk to someone moving to that station if they want to share your weights.5 sets of 5 reps

Station #2

*YOU MUST HAVE A LONG SOCK/SHIN GUARD IN ORDER TO CLIMB THE ROPE. IF YOU DO NOT YOU WILL DO ROPE PULLS OR PULL-UPS INSTEAD.����If you have never climbed the rope before, this is not a day for you to learn how.���� Do the same scalings mentioned above.9:00 As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible

Station #3

As Many V-Ups as Possible following a 1:00 Clock.��������You will do the Wall Balls, KBS and with all time remaining in that minute do As Many V-Ups as Possible.Score= total V-Ups

**As many V-Ups����in time remaining

The Finisher


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