Free Trial Thursday 4/29/21

September 27, 2022
Free Trial Thursday 4/29/21

Free Trial Thursday

The Board

Free Trial Thursday attendees will be doing a variation of the work-out below. Please see the video specifically made for Free Trial Thursday attendees.

Free Trial Thursday Attendees

The Warm-Up & Work-Out

802 Members

The Mobility

The Strength

This strength is a 'complex'. Each movement will go directly into the next. You must pick a weight that you can use for the entire complex rather than setting the bar down in between reps. Your heaviest complex weight will be recorded.


You will do the same movements above (Push-Press, Clusters & Thrusters) in addition to Push-Jerks. Each movement will be divided with a run. Get this WOD done as fast as possible!

The Finisher

(optional)Standing on the ground...

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