Free Trial Thursday 9/29/22

September 28, 2022
Free Trial Thursday 9/29/22

Free Trial Thursday attendees will focus mainly on THE WORK-OUT description and videos to go with it below. We will guide you through the warm-up and go over the work-out details when the rest of the class is doing THE STRENGTH session of the class.

All work-outs will be scaled to meet individual need and abilities, no matter your current level of fitness..

All questions will be answered when you arrive!


Low Body Foam Roll

Couch Stretch


2 Rounds of:


Lunge Reach

Alternating Toe Touch Low

Jumping Jacks


Those joining us for Free Trial most likely will not get to this portion of the class. We will use the strength session to review movements of the work-out (below).

3:00 Loop

5-7 Rounds:

Double Dumbbell Step-Ups

Active Rest:

Alternate between

:30 Strapless Row

Ball Over Shoulder

Dumbbell Power Snatch

*Active Rest will keep you moving between sets. Alternate between each set you do.


The goal for this work-out is to accumulate as many meters on the rower as possible with a partner.

Athlete 1: Row for 2:00

As soon as Athlete 1 is off the rower, Athlete 2 will get on and row for 2:00. Remember, the score comes from the row, not the movements below... we want this to be the focus of your work-out...

Athlete 1 will then move too:

Burden Carry - Carrying a weighted ball for a total of 1:00. You should aim to have the 50m take that long. As soon as you pick the ball off the ground, look at the clock. You must hold the ball for 1:00 even if you get back from your walk sooner. The ball can be held at your shoulder or chest... whichever you prefer. As soon as 1:00 is up, drop the ball and move to...

Ball Over Shoulder

Dumbbell Hang Power Snatch (Alternating)

Single Leg V-Ups

You will move through this list one time then head back to the rower. By that time, your partner will be off and now it's your turn to row again.

Repeat this sequence for 26:00



Palloff Press

Low Body Russian Twist

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