Friday 11/12/21

September 27, 2022
Friday 11/12/21

*For those that have seen our WOD preview written on the board all week, please note, we had to change things up a bit from what was originally planned

Mountain Ready: Mon & Fri

Snow mountain lover or not, we've added a pre-season lower body strength building program to the line up that will benefit all athletes. This will be in addition to our Tuesday gymnastics focus. We teamed up with PT Steve to deliver a program that will incorporate squat/lunge/deadlift sessions, with plyometric/stability/mobility drills to compliment. You will see some new movements in our mobility/warm-ups/finishers, so be sure to give them a look, and a go!

The Board

Station Day! 9:00 in each station ~ 4:00 to transition to the next

The Mobility

Knee to Post StretchCalf Lax Smash

The Warm-Up

All StationsNEW Squat Jump + Snap DownNEW Toe RaisesNEW Heel Raises

Station #1

6 reps every 1:30 ~ record heaviest

Station #2

For Time:Sumo Deadlift High Pull reps will increase by 1 each round, while Plyo Lunge and Starfish will increase by 2.For example:Round One: 1 SDLHP, 2 PLYO LUNGES, 2 SFRound Two: 2 SDLHP, 4 Plyo Lunges, 4 SFRound Three: 3 SDLHP, 6 Plyo Lunges, 6 SFScoring:Rx athletes will work to 10 SDLHP/20 Plyo & 20 SFPerformance will work to 9/18Fitness will work to 8/16 and do regular lunges - not plyoIf you do not finish your score will be rounds plus reps.

Station #3

9:00 AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible) of


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