Friday Movie Night: 1/31/20

September 27, 2022
Friday Movie Night: 1/31/20

Concept 2 Erg Night

We are closing out the January Erg Challenge with a Row/Bike/Ski-a-thon, Friday night from 7-9pm. All rowers will be going, with individuals switching on and off throughout the night. We have a few inspirational movies lined up to watch to pass the time by!


Pretty fun Clean complex coming your way for Friday.2 Power Clean + 1 Clean (with a 5 second Pause in the hole)What Are The Benefits Of The Pause?Stopping the squat at the bottom causes the legs to have to work much harder to push back to the starting position. This is because a pause gives the legs greater time under tension, and increases muscular recruitment. As the fast twitch fibres continue to fatigue during the pause, slow twitch fibres (and muscles) are recruited in order to help stabilize the body in that position. The more you perform pause squats, the more the body and brain gets used to recruiting slow twitch muscle fibres and builds the strength of the supporting muscles in the lower back, hips and abs, which bodes well for your overall squat numbers and strength in other movements. Furthermore, because holding a pause dissipates the stretch reflex (that bounce you feel when you drop down and explode up rapidly on a squat) and fatigues the muscles more prior to the concentric portion of the lift. Combining these things all together results in greater muscular strength and more POWER from having to drive out of the hole.www.boxlifemagazine.com

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