Get Better At Pull-Ups: 8/13/19

September 27, 2022
Get Better At Pull-Ups: 8/13/19

The video below isn't exactly what we are doing on Tuesday for our strength, but it's pretty close! Tuesday's strength progression will help build strength in the Pull-Up.Active Bar Hang -- We will not be doing...Bottom Half Pull-Up - -We will be doing....Initiating the first part of the pull-up with the lats and moving the shoulders back behind the bar so that you can pull-up and around. If you try and pull straight up without pressing back, then you will get stuck.Chin Over Bar Hang- We will not be doing....Top Half Pull-up - We will be doing....Builds strength all the way through the end range of motion. The head should remain neutral at the top (no head tilt back to get chin above bar). ***You can scale all movements by adding a box under the feet for a self spot. NO Bands.Not Shown: Kipping Pull-Up + 3 second descent to bottom position

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