Going Overhead: 3/13/20

September 27, 2022
Going Overhead: 3/13/20


PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL that went out today in regards to COVID-19. Precautions cannot be ignored and sick individuals will be asked to leave. We are asking for all your help in keeping our community worry free at this time. Thank you in advance for your help as we power through this! Why Sign-Up For the Nutrition Challenge?Why sign-up when I could do this on my own? You could, but thats a similar question as to why come to the gym. Youcould also work out on your own. There is something about formally committing to a challenge that provides the motivation to stick with it combined with the shared suffering that occurs with participants. As a community we are always pushing each other to do our best. This Challenge will do the same!CHALLENGE STARTS MARCH 16TH. Sign-Up Here

Snatch and the Overhead Squat

A great warm-up for both the Snatch and Overhead Squat are a few drills in the video below. Each teaches how to get comfortable getting under the bar with speed. A weight should be used that you can drop and punch that bar up quickly and aggressively.https://youtu.be/mddXVpsYLbM

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