Monday 2/21/22

September 27, 2022
Monday 2/21/22

Fill This Out

The Open HEAT SCHEDULE Request:

If you are signed-up (or plan to sign-up) for The Open, you must fill out THIS FORM by Wednesday 2/23,The Open is a very exciting time for our Community, we hope you will join in with us!

The Board

The Mobility

The Warm-Up

The Strength

The Met-Con

A good gaugeof what you should use for the Met-Con....Your heavy set of 6 should have been at least 20# over the weight you choose for the met-con.This is a 2 Part Met-Con. How hard you get after Part I will largely impact Part II.We want your Row to be hard! Going after your fastest Row time ever, and rowing like you have nothing to do following it. 110% max effort. Don't come out too hot though... this will most likely take you just shy of 4:00. Note your time (4:15 time cap)Part II will be an AMRAP with remaining time. You will notice as more time goes by, and you recover from the row, your pace will increase.

The Finisher

You will see Assault Bike Sprints (Peak 8) in the program over the course of the next few weeks. This will increase your aerobic capacity which you will most likely need for The Open work-outs ahead.

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