Monday 3/14/22

September 27, 2022
Monday 3/14/22

Enter 22.3 Scores!

Monday 22.2 Match-Ups




The Board

The Warm-Up

Hip Mob Out/InProne Scorpion

The Strength

Sumo Deadlift

The Met-Con

2 scores for this one....

  1. Max Meters Rowed
  2. AMRAP

Each time the timer goes off, you must already be seated on the rower and ready to go. Give yourselves about 0:15 to get there!Sumo Deadlift High Pull(SDLHP)HPS + STOH

Don't forget where you left off each time you head over to the rower, because that is where you will pick back up after the row.Write down your meters each time you get of the rower so you don't forget!

The Finisher

Death March

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