Proper Position of a Common Movement: 9/25/19

September 27, 2022
Proper Position of a Common Movement: 9/25/19

You often here us say to keep your shin vertical while lunging What exactly do we mean and why should we lunge anyway The lunge is unique in that it represents a stable, strong movement pattern in an asymmetrical stance. That is, our lunge pattern will determine our ability to handle loads when our feet are not symmetrical. We walk, run, change direction and take the stairs with one foot leading, and often jump more effectively off one leg.An effective lunge pattern requires the shoulder, hip and rear knee to be in total alignment, with the hips in a neutral position. Any deviation from this and the body must compromise both its stability and strength for range or comfort. Good lunge patterns transfer into exercises like running, jumping, sprinting and changing direction.The video below was part of a longer video about Split Squats, however, the portion highlighted does a great job talking about the lunge.

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