Run/Row Endurance: Week of 3/1/21

September 27, 2022
Run/Row Endurance: Week of 3/1/21

PLEASE NOTE: While Keith is away, Run/Row Endurance classes will be independent.RXPerformanceFitness200M200M200M30 sec rest30 sec rest30 sec rest400M400M400M45 sec rest45 sec rest45 sec rest600M600M600M1 min rest1 min rest1 min rest800M600M600M1:30 rest1:30 rest1:30 restPace = 80%Pace = 80%Pace = 80%X3X3X2Warm up - runningWarm up - rowingRun loopRow 100 M10-TTL10-TTL10-TTH10-TTH10-Jumping jacks10-Jumping jacksRun loop X 2Row 200 M10-heel walks10-Forward lunges10-toe walks10-Reverse lunges10-CWC10-CWC10-AS10-AS

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