Running Endurance: Week of 4/4/22

September 27, 2022
Running Endurance: Week of 4/4/22

WARM - UP Run200M (out & back)10-TTL10-TTH10-Jumping jacks10- reverse lunges10-heel walks10-toe walks10-CWC10-jumping AS RXPerformanceFitness1200M1000M1000M* walk if neededrest 1:30rest 1:30rest 1:30800M800M800Mrest 1:30rest 1:30rest 1:30400M400M400Mrest 1:00rest 1:00rest 1:00200M200M200Mrest 2:00rest 2:00rest 2:00X 3X 3X 2 Speed should increase as distance decreases.400 & 200 should be @ 90 %

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