Saturday 1/4/20

September 27, 2022
Saturday 1/4/20

New Class

Don't forget, our first ROW Endurance class meets for the first time this Saturday 1/9, 8:00-8:50 and 10:00-10:50am. You must sign-in on MindBody and cannot overlap beyond the scheduled class time. We will follow our Running Endurance program, work on your cardio conditioning, and also rack up meters for our January Row Challenge!

The Board

9 minute Stations - 4 minutes to clean/transition to the next

The Warm-Up

One warm-up depending on your start station. Each station will do the same general warm-up followed by station specific work.Runners Stretch DEMO

Station #1

Working to a heavy set of 2 repsBack Squat DEMO

Station #2

Please stay on the mat for your burpees and wipe down your area thoroughly when complete.

Station #3

For TimeWorking your way up ladder #1 until you get to 7 thrusters/16 Bar Hops, then move to up ladder #2 working your way up until you complete with 7 Back Squats and 16 Bar Hops.

The Finisher

Dumbbell Row DEMOBench Low Ab Leg Raise DEMO

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