Thursday No Free Trial: 12/26/19

September 27, 2022
Thursday No Free Trial: 12/26/19

Deadlift Tip of The Day....

Get as tight as possible. Something we hear all the time. What does this really mean in the context of a deadlift?Getting tight means you have to brace hard and create tension through your body. When braced you should feel rock solid, like nothing on Earth can move you.You can brace at the top of the deadlift or the bottom.Grab the bar and take in a big breath of air a lot, like your just came up from drowning.When you take that air, focus on breathing into your lower back and belly. This will fill up the entire area that a weightlifting belt covers.After that, flex your abs as hard as you can like youre about to get punched in the stomach.You should feel completely rock solid andimmovableat this point.You want to maintain your braced position throughout the whole lift. If you have a leak in your brace, heavy weight can expose

Time for a Repeat

Extra Work: Death March

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