Tuesday 3/24/20: Jerks and Live Classes

September 27, 2022
Tuesday 3/24/20: Jerks and Live Classes

Live Classes

Our first LIVE Classes were a success! We will be running the same Live Class Times on Tuesday (12:00 & 4:30pm) and will be adding more soon based on your feedback. Keep a lookout for an email in your inboxes in the next few days.

The Links

Our Meeting ID will always be the same.... You can join using the ID number: 504-063-0477 any time we are live,OR

Both Classes will Open 30 minutes prior to class time to chit chat. WE WILL DO THE ENTIRE CLASS LIVE - so no need to warm-up or do the strength on your own.


If you haven't downloaded the Zoom App, you must do so prior to joining in the fun! Find ALL THE INFO HERE

Tuesday 3/24/20

The Board....

The Strength:

Using a barbell, SINGLE Dumbbell, SINGLE Kettlebell or an Odd Object such as a gallon of milk or loaded backpack6 Sets of 10 Reps on a 3:00 Loop

NOTES: If you are using a DB/KB/or single side of body object - do 5 reps on one side, 5 on the other for a total of 10 reps.https://youtu.be/yndmRX7SAq8

The Warm-Up:

Be sure to do 3 Rounds in black THEN do 3 Rounds of the Mobility in red https://youtu.be/ED0vUg-aAOw

The Strength:

Notes:If you are using a DB/KB or other single side of body object - the OPPOSITE foot comes forward in the Jerk.Stomp that landing and be aggressive with your PUNCH and CATCH!https://youtu.be/4jcTt9tYMzc


Go Hard!


The Extra Work & Cool Down

Notes:Focus on locking that arm out and activating those shoulder blades as you punch that weight to the ceiling. If you cannot lock out your arm, the weight is too heavy for you. Do not lean to one side or the other. Try and keep your midline straight as you walk back and fourth. https://youtu.be/ai4FNQRHGe4

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