Tuesday 6/15/21

September 27, 2022
Tuesday 6/15/21

The Board

You will be counting total reps for all stations as your score. You will spend 4 rounds in one station before switching to the next set of movements. You will go through the list 1 time.

The Mobility

3 Point Hip OpenerT-Spine Wall Extension

Station 1

Remember, our upper body should be acting as a hinge moving from a 11:00 to a 1:00 position (on a clock). Do not lean back excessively, or forget to come forward to that 1:00 position in the 'catch'.Rowing TechniqueV-Ups/SL V-Ups

Station 2

Sumo Deadlift High Pull(SDLHP)V-Ups/SL V-Ups

Station 3

Pull-Ups& ScalingTuck-Up

Station 4

Box JumpsTuck-Up

The Finisher

Dumbbell Row

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