Tuesday 6/22/21

September 27, 2022
Tuesday 6/22/21

Spots Available

This is an extremely valuable seminar for so many of our mommas, mommas to be, and all female athletes. Don't miss it!

Save the Date

Friday, July 9th at 5:40pm - Running Clinic with Kim Lord and Keith White

Saturday, July 17th at 12:00pm - 802 CrossFit 8th Anniversary Party

Friday, July 23rd at 5:40pm - Back Pain seminar with Stephen BurkerttSaturday, August 7th at 11:30am - Advanced gymnastics clinic with Casey BaczewskiSaturday, August 28 & 29th - CrossFit Level I Certificate CourseSeptember - Beginner to intermediate gymnastics clinic with Casey Baczewski*sign-up information will be posted as events draw near

The Board

The Mobility

Lat Foam RollBanded Lat Stretch

The Warm-Up

Scapular Pull-Ups

The Strength

Similar to a station day, we will divide the class up to start at different movements. The clock will run continuously as you make your way around the room completing movements. YOU MUST choose a rep scheme that allows you rest/transition time between movements. THE ONLY STATION that will be 'tight' is the Run Station. We want this one to be close, getting your heart rate up.


We will begin to use the pull-up bars as a group once again. If you are not quite ready for this, no problem at all! Use the V-up substitution instead!We will continue to be sticklers about your push-ups! We want to see those hips moving with your upper body. Tight and engaged. Arms are not a T, they are an Arrow. FILM yourself to keep yourself in check!


The Finisher

CS Row & Lat Pull Down

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