Wednesday 5/18/22

September 23, 2022
Wednesday 5/18/22

Anniversary Party Details

We sent THIS EMAIL out on Tuesday. Did you check out the details yet?

We Need Your Vote!

The BEST OF... Seven Daysies awards are back! We have won the award for Best CrossFit Studio each year it was offered and we'd like to keep our streak alive with your help!Step 1 puts us on the ballot. This phase runs May 16-29. If you could please take a moment to nominate 802 and some of your other favorites, it would be appreciated!Voting literally takes less than a minute if you CLICK HERE.BEST CROSSFIT STUDIO is listed under the Services category. You do not need to fill out every question if you don't want to.

The Board

The Strength

The Met-Con

The Finisher

*movement demos are accurate, but you will do all 5 reps of FR, then all 5 Reps of SR, then the Rev. Fly - unlike what the video shows.Front Raise, Side Raise, Rev. Fly

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