A Complex: 8/6/19

September 27, 2022
A Complex: 8/6/19

We will be cycling through a fun little CLEAN Complex on Tuesday to start the day. Remember, complexes move from one movement, into the next with no dropping the barbell between reps. Our Tuesday Complex will include:1 Hang Power Clean (bar descends to above the knee and the catch is above parallel)1 Power Clean (bar starts on the ground and the catch is above parallel)1 Clean and Jerk (bar starts on the ground, catch is in full squat with a Push or Split Jerk to follow)Landing with your feet too wide limits your hip mobility and makes it more difficult to properly drop under the bar. The fix is simple. Land with your feet in the same position you'd use for a Front Squat.Not engaging your back and core before a repIt's crucial that your back is not rounded during this lift. Engage your back and bring your shoulder blades down and back and tighten your core as if you're about to take a punch. This ensures that your back and core are set and reduces your risk of injury.Muscling up the weightEven at a light weight, you want to launch the barbell by forcefully extending your hips and getting underneath it. Don't muscle your way through it and form bad habits that will translate over to heavier weights.Catching the bar with your arms verticalOne of the most common mistakes newbie athletes make is catching the bar with their forearms almost vertical. This automatically limits that amount of weight you can lift, adds stress to your joints and makes each rep more taxing than it already is. Practice snapping your elbows through and catching the bar across your shoulders with an unloaded bar or broomstick before adding weight.www.stack.com

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