Best WOD of the Week: 3/21/20

September 27, 2022
Best WOD of the Week: 3/21/20

Get out there and soak in that S-U-N!

** DISCLAIMER** This WOD looks worse on paper than it is! Get the job done, just as you would a Saturday class. Commit, show-up and be proud of your sweat at the end of this WOD! You know by now you will be happier you did! Trust us!We are going to have a ton of updates for you this weekend! Please stay in the know!

  1. New Nutrition Challenge Rules
  2. How we are going virtual beginning on Monday
  3. How to get the equipment your requested

Firing info at you as quick as we can get it done!

Best WOD of the Week!

Don't let me down folks! Let's do this together!

For Time:


Then repeat, with 200m Run (or 0:45 side shuffle) and 40 repsThen repeat, 100m Run (or 0:30 side shuffle) and 30 repsPerformance:


Work-Out Variations

The Warm-Up

REPEAT! Be sure to repeat (or your body will hate you) and test out loading before WOD begins! I am watching you!!!

Extra Work:

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