Clean Complex: 10/29/19

September 27, 2022
Clean Complex: 10/29/19

A Complex:The Bar moves continuously from one movement to the next without dropping between reps. Our Wednesday Complex will consist of the following...Hang Power (bar does not descend below knees and the catch is above parallel)Hang Clean (bar does not descend below knees and catch is below parallel)Clean (bar starts on the ground and the catch is below parallel).Here are a few cues from the one and only Coach Burgener on the Clean.

Extra Work: Panda Pulls

Shown here with the Snatch, the Panda Pull begins the movement of pulling yourself under the barbell before the bar is dropped to finish the rep. The Panda Pull is a great tool to learn to pull a heavy load off of the ground, reaching full extension before pulling yourself underneath it.

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