Fitness Friday 9/23/23

September 21, 2023
Fitness Friday 9/23/23

The Mobility

Banded 3 Point Hip Opener

Lat Foam Roll

Thread the Needle

The Warm-up

Your coach will have you assigned to a specific station for the met-con, so you will do a general warm-up and a specific warm-up for the station

General Warm-up

Strapless Rows


Arm Circles Forward/ Backward

Station #1

Lateral Lunges

Lunge Reach

Back Squat

Station #2

Tap Swing-->Tap Swing Pull -->Pull-up

Toe Raise --> T2B


Single Unders --> Double Unders

Station #3

SDLHP weight build

STOH build (Push Jerk)

Split Stance Hops --> Bar Hops

Air Squats --> Squat Jumps

The Met-con

Each station is 9:00 with a 4:00 transition time

Station #1

On a 2:00

5 Rounds of 5 reps

Back Squat

Tempo 3 seconds on the way down - 1 second in the hole - 2 seconds on the way up - 1 second at the top

* Going slower and lighter on the weight builds strength, power, and control with time under tension, so make sure you are following the proper tempo.

Station #2

↑ Ladder of:

Pull-Up + T2B

1/1, 2/2, 3/3….

*Rx and Performance: 1 Pull-Up + 1 T2B = 1 rep (the video demo Is the set of 3)

*For Fit and Per athletes, you will do all the pull-up variations, then do all the toes-to-bar variations.

Plate G2OH

2, 4, 6……..

*Increase bt 2 each round


*These stay the same each round

Station #3

As Many Rounds/ Repetitions As Possible in 9:00


*Focus on a good hip POP! Keep up the good technique!


Bar Hops

Air Squats

*Make sure you are getting full extension at the top of the air squat

The Finisher

Alternating DB Curls

EZ Bar Skull Crushers

DB Oblique Crunches

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