Free Trial Thursday 2/24/22

February 15, 2023
Free Trial Thursday 2/24/22

Open Announcement at 3pm

Don't forget to tune in LIVE at and watch the very first Open Announcement. Once we know the details we will put out a Heat Schedule on Friday. Don't forget to check to check out the blog post and all the WOD details before Saturday class!

Free Trial Thursday

If you are joining us for Free Trial Thursday, don't be overwhelmed by the content below. We will walk you through each station upon arrival. Your goal is to simply have fun and feel out the program. We will make sure you do just that!

The Board

Station Day! 8:00 in each station - 4 minutes to transition to the next. You will do one warm-up depending on what your start station is.

Station #1

These rounds are going to come quick! Keep it moveable.Bench Press

Station #2

8:00 As Many Rounds as Possible

Station #3

The Finisher

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