Hatch Week 3 Day One: 1/20/20

September 27, 2022
Hatch Week 3 Day One: 1/20/20

WEEK 3BackFrontDay One1 x 865%1x560%1x870%1x570%1x680%1x575%1x685%1x580%By now, you've realized the intensity of this Squat Program. One thing is certain, the more you can focus on your entire body for every single rep, the easier it is to move the recommended weight.This starts with a big breath in at the top of the movement.

Think.... Go Underwater

When we squat heavy weight with a barbell (for example anything over 80% of your 1 rep-maximum), it is advised to take a large breath and hold it through the entire repetition..Usually this type of breathing is not needed for higher repetition sets with low weight. However, when you are squatting heavy it is crucial. Doing so allows us to dramatically stabilize our core. - Dr. Aaron Horschig in How to breathe when squatting on the @squatuniversitysiteProvided by: Whiteboard Daily

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