Hatch Week 8: 2/24/20

September 27, 2022
Hatch Week 8: 2/24/20

Schedule Changes THIS WEEK

Keith White and Jen DeMasi will be coaching classes in our absence until Wednesday. Please note schedule changes.2/24 Monday: No 8:00am - No 6:30pm2/25 Tuesday: No 6:30pm - Run Group (Independent)

Hatch Week 8

A little relief coming your way maxing out at 80% this weekWEEK 8BackFrontDay One1x565%1x560%1x570%1x565%1x575%1x565%1x580%1x565%

Remember the Tripod Foot for a More Stable Squat

Bodyweight At Home WOD

StrengthDone as a Super Set - 10 Tempo Squats, 10 Split Squats (5 each leg) - repeat X 4

4 second descent - 6 second Pause in the hole - do not bottom out! Stay active and engaged - 1 second Up - BIG squeeze of the glutes to get yourself out of the hole (think hold the fart in - screw your feet into the ground)

WOD10 minute AMRAP10 Burpees (Fitness = 6 Burpees)10 Air Squats10 Tuck-Ups*GRIND hard through the burpees

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