Hatch Week 8 Day 2: 2/28/20

September 27, 2022
Hatch Week 8 Day 2: 2/28/20

Hatch Day 2

You saw that right.... We will be completing Hatch Week 8 Day 2 for our Friday Strength and do some DL accessory work as Extra Work instead. See Romanian DL demos below the TTB video if you will be participating.Kipping Toes to Bar.Be sure to.

  1. Maintain an active hang position
  2. Pull rib cage to hips creating a hollow body position
  3. Dont let your legs drop after you make contact. Pull them down and back and think of springing into your next rep.


Romanian Deadlift

Great video explaining the difference between an RDL and DL. Only difference is, we will not be going from the rig. You will do 1 DL to stand the bar up, then descend into the first rep.https://youtu.be/4usyq_IHdkg

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