Monday 9/20/21

September 27, 2022
Monday 9/20/21

The Board

We have building on our Clean for the past several weeks. We have practiced under fatigue and getting comfortable with higher percentages. We had plans to re-test our heavy clean on Monday 9/20, but decided to push it off one week so all the Vermonster competitors would be feeling fresh for the re-test. Expect to see this lift next week.

The Mobility

Banded Wrist TractionBanded Hip Opener

The Warm-Up

Runners StretchElbows High & OutsideMuscle Clean (PVC)

The Strength

Muscle Clean (PVC)Clean Deadlifts - very similar to a regular DL, but your set-up is the same as you would do a clean (butt lower). We are looking for a stable pull from the ground to the hang (above the knee). Set your lats by pulling your shoulders blades back and down. Push the shins back and keep the angle of your back/butt the same until you pass your knees. Then stand.


As Many Rounds as Possible in 12:00*Please note the new distance to the plow

The Finisher

Landmine Curtsy

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