Murph Prep Monday - FINAL WEEK

September 27, 2022
Murph Prep Monday - FINAL WEEK

FINL DAY to PRE-Register

PRE-REGISTER HEREWe will be running Heats of the Hero WOD Murph on Saturday 5/29 to honor and remember all soldiers that have lost their lives for our freedom. Take an hour out of your long, Memorial Day Weekend, and give back a little something for all of those that are not with us today.

The Board

The Mobility

The Warm-Up

You will only do one warm-up depending on where your start station is.

Station #1

Score - your mile time AND AMRAPYou all have been crushing your times each week, so we want to record this one too!

Helpful Tips from Grinstead...

Mile Run Splits

Pick your Goal Time, set your watch and use the times below to keep you on track. This chart is very helpful to keep your pace and keep you going! Your Run Route...

Station #2

The Typical breakdown of Murph is do 20 Rounds of 'Cindy' (Benchmark Girl WOD). To take that breakdown one step further, many have luck breaking up their push-ups into 2 sets. We have demonstrated these breakdowns for Station #2

Station #3


The Finisher

L-Sits Holds from the pull-up bar are challenging, You must be able to do at least a 0:30 KAH hold before trying the L.L-Sit KAH Hold

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