Running Endurance: Week of 8/2/21

September 27, 2022
Running Endurance: Week of 8/2/21

WARM - UPRun loop10-TTL10-TTH10-Jumping jacksRun loop X 210-heel walks10-toe walks10-CWC10-jumping AS RXPerformanceFitness1000m easy800m easy600m easy1000m mod800m mod600m modrest 2:00rest 2:00rest 2:00800m easy600m easy500m easy800m mod600m mod500 modrest 1:30rest 1:30rest 1:30600m easy400m easy400m easy600m mod400m mod400m modrest 1:00rest 1:00rest 1:00400m easy200m easy200m easy400m mod200 mod200 modrest 1:00rest 1:00rest 1:00200m easy100 easy100 easy200 mod100 mod100 mod6000 M4200 M3600 M Pace for all =Easy - 50%-60%Mod - 70%-80%

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