Tuesday 3/16/21

September 27, 2022
Tuesday 3/16/21

21.1 Recap

We had one heck of a kick off to The Open this week! A HUGE thank you to Michele Bushey and Natasha for sorting through your tee shirts and getting them ready to go. To Sheri, Brian and Jim for helping with set up Friday night. To Mama B and Alyssa for baking and packing up the delicious cookies! To Big Dave, Debbie and Alyssa for being the extra hands we had no idea we needed ALL day long. To Cullen and Boutin for being superstar judges and bringing extra hype to multiple classes. And to Ariana... capturing SO MANY spectacular moments for all of us! THANK YOU to every one of you for being a part of this with us! We had an absolute BLAST!VIEW ALL ARIANA'S PHOTOS HEREhttps://youtu.be/wXMJ2GwBUzI

The Board

The Mobility

PVC Overhead Foam Roll

The Warm-Up

PVC Muscle SnatchSnatch Balance

The Strength



Single Arm Dumbbell Alternating Power Snatchhttps://youtu.be/h7XjUbUpeHE?t=15

The Finisher


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