Tuesday 4/21/20: Cleans + A Gasser!

September 27, 2022
Tuesday 4/21/20: Cleans + A Gasser!

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Meeting ID number: 504-063-0477

Push Yourself

Ya know that devilish smile Tarken gets when he knows the WOD is gonna be a tough one..... Well, if you could see his face, you'd know we're in for it! Have some fun, push the limits, and get it done!https://youtu.be/9OtwMfCh6U8

The Strength



Don't forget to take 0:30 between each round. Your score includes the 0:30 rest - don't subtract it out.Do Toe Taps if you don't have a jump rope, or 0:35 seconds of DU attempts each roundRx= 50/35# DBPerformance= 35/25# DB 24 Double UndersFitness = 20/10# and 3 Burpees and 0:35 DU attempts of 36 Toe Tapshttps://youtu.be/BcF0N_WH8fg

The Finisher


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