Tarken Chase

Tarken Chase

Owner & Coach


About Tarken

Tarken has been a Strength and Conditioning Coach in the Burlington area for over 13 years. He opened Chase Fitness, a private Personal Training facility, 15 years ago. It was here that Tarken began working with an array of clientele looking to obtain differing goals, perfect their sport or rehabilitate post injury. Training individuals one-on-one quickly led to the addition of SharkBite group fitness classes. The success of these classes and results our members led to the discovery of CrossFit in 2012. The CrossFit program and philosophy quickly became a no brainer. The community, the intensity and the universal scalability for all levels led to the launch of 802CrossFit in 2013. Through CrossFit, Tarken has continued to help hundreds of individuals, of all abilities, meet and exceed their fitness goals and expectations.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

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