100% Hatch: 2/17/20

September 27, 2022
100% Hatch: 2/17/20

Schedule Changes THIS WEEK!

2/20 Thursday: No 6:30pm2/21 Friday: No 8:00am2/22 Saturday: No Kids Classes - Run Group (Independent)2/23 Sunday: No Open Gym2/24 Monday: No 8:00am - No 6:30pm2/25 Tuesday: No 6:30pm - Run Group (Independent)

Hatch 100%

We have worked our way up to 100% - trying to match your 1 Rep Max from before this program began. For many, this should be doable. We have been working with heavy loads and you should feel more comfortable under the bar. However, keep in mind we hit 1 RM's when we are feeling good. If you are sore, tired or having a not so good day, your 1RM will be effected.Keep this in mind when working your way to 100%*Also note, the odd rep scheme. Set 3 is only two reps, set 4 is three reps.WEEK 7BackFrontDay One1x570%1x565%1x580%1x475%1x285%1x480%1x390%1x485%1x1100%

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