3 Tips to a Bigger Deadlift: 7/12/19

September 27, 2022
3 Tips to a Bigger Deadlift: 7/12/19

Pull The Tension Out of the Bar:You want to create a tremendous amount of tension using your lats. Grab the bar, and use the weight as a counterbalance to pull yourself into proper pulling position. You will use the bar to drive your chest up, and lower your hips into their optimal position.A common mistake when trying to pull the slack are:Pulling against the bar with bent arms. Keep your arms straight the entire time and pull the bar with your lats rather than your arms. Think of your arms as hooks that are there just to connect your hands to the bar. They dont do any pulling.Pull Your Chest Up TallAfter pulling the slack out, drive your chest up hard. If your t-shirt has a logo on it, everyone in front of you should be able to see it. Pull your torso upright and get your spine into a neutral position. You should feel immovable, like youre torso is a solid piece of steel. Drive your chest up, keep the bar close to your body, and stay upright in an optimal pulling position.Common Mistake:Leaving your chest parallel to the ground, and shoulders way over the bar. This puts a lot more stress on your lower back. It forces you to use a lot more of your lower back to pull the weight off the floor, instead of using your legs to drive it.Create Tension In Your HamstringsAs you are pulling the slack and your chest upright, lower your hips towards the ground. As you lower your hips, load up your hamstrings. Find your heels and create as much tension in your hamstrings as you can. You should be using the weight as a counterbalance to sit back onto your heels. Try to maintain a vertical shin angle. This will help ensure that youre keeping your weight back, and getting full use of your hamstrings.www.jmaxfitness.com

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