Free Trial Thursday 4/28/22

September 23, 2022
Free Trial Thursday 4/28/22

No 5:40pm on Friday

We removed the 5:40pm class from the schedule on Friday 4/29 so we could get all coaches together for a meeting. The 4:30pm class will be waiting for you!

Free Trial Thursday

The Board

The Mobility



Tempo Back SquatsTempo training is all about moving slowly and under control. By lifting to a set tempo, youll increase your time under tension compared to your standard lifting pace. Tempo training is a great way to get the same stimulus as lifting heavy without having to do so.Your descent will take 0:03 - You will pause for 0:01 in the hole - stand in 0:01 - pause for 0:02 at the top before going into your next rep.

The Work-Out

Athlete 1 will complete the entire list of movements. This should take roughly 1:30 (+/-). While Athlete 1 is doing the AMRAP, Athlete 2 will be saddled up on either the bike or the rower, getting as many calories as they can.Athletes will switch back and fourth for the duration of the work-out.Plate Ground to OverheadV-TapsStarfishPlate Hops (Forward)Sandwiched between each movement switch are Air Squats.

The Finisher

Palloff PressLow Ab Leg Raises

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