At Home WOD Day 2: 3/18/20

September 27, 2022
At Home WOD Day 2: 3/18/20

Day 1 Recap

Look at all these people making no excuses and GETTING IT DONE! Your photos are an inspiration for others to do the same! Let's keep this ball rolling!(p.s. there were others too, the feed was so full, I couldn't even get them all)

Home WOD Day 2

Mobility & Warm-Up

3 Rounds

Strength: Day 2

Track 1: Barbell or Dumbbells

3 Rounds:5 Strict Press into 5 Push Press3:00 Loop


3 Rounds3 Strict Press into 3 Push Press* IF USING DB'S: Do Strict Press - Right Arm into Push Press - Right Arm THEN do 5/5 on left side

Track 2: No Equipment: Option 1

Wall Walks: 2 to 5 reps every 3:00

Track 3: No Equipment: Option 2

Pike Handstand Push-Ups : 3 to 5 reps (depending on difficulty) every 3 minutes

Pre-WOD Warm-Up

(Lost the video)2 Rounds:

At Home WOD Day 2

It's going to be a BEAUTIFUL DAY let's get outside! We've got a nice long sweat session for you here! Get it done!

25 Minute AMRAP


Extra Work

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