At Home WOD 3: 3/19/2020

September 27, 2022
At Home WOD 3: 3/19/2020

Equipment Lending

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At Home WOD 3 - Chest Day

Mobility & Warm-Up

3 Rounds of:

At Home WOD 3: The Strength

Eccentric Push-Ups (slow 5 second descent) Every 1:30 for 6 RoundsRx: 8/5 (8 reps for men - and Stebbs, 5 reps for women)Performance: 5/3Fitness: 8/5 - Elevated or Kneeling. Do not limit range of motion. If you need to do regular push-ups (not eccentric) do so.

At Home WOD 3: The WOD

Burpee Up Ladder For TimeRx & Performance


At Home WOD 3: The Extra Work & Cool Down

Dips 4 x 10 (4 sets of 10 reps)

Towel Stretch

And Finally, 2 Hooligans being Hooligans

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