Bench Program Start: 1/9/20

September 27, 2022
Bench Program Start: 1/9/20

Day 2 Hatch: The Details....

The Hatch Squat Program was put together and intended to be done 2 times/week. The program, however, is designed for intermediate/advanced lifters. That being said, doing the cycle twice per week really limited our programming the rest of the week. The past 2 times we ran the cycle, we did a complementary leg day (deadlift/hamstring variations) on Day 2, with the option of doing the Squat work as Extra Work. Individuals that did the Extra Work, and also those that did not, were met with equal success at the end of the 12 week cycle.Taking that information into account, we leave the option up to you.HOWEVER, we strongly advise that you listen to your body, and adjust your percentages on Day 2 if need be. This is not a weakness, nor are you losing strength. The demands are different than on Monday because you will have done a leg work out (DL's etc), resulting in more tired muscles.Be Smart.

Time For A Repeat!

A little confusing, but disregard the first part of scoring (meters and number of seconds in some cases) and pay attention to the second part of the scoring. Rounds + Reps and number of Double Unders. This was a good one!

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