Best WOD of the Week 4/16/22

September 23, 2022
Best WOD of the Week 4/16/22

The Board

*The movements listed below are just a guide. You will not be performing the movements in the order listed

The Details

The class will be divided into groups of 5-8 athletes. Each team will have their own Easter basket with 11 eggs inside.At 3-2-1 Go, one at a time, one athlete from each group will BROAD JUMP to the Easter Basket to retrieve an egg.Each person on the team will write down on their own white board (or on the floor with chalk) what the movement is, then they will perform the reps.When all athletes in the group are finished with the reps, the next athlete will BROAD JUMP to the basket and get the next egg. Each athlete will write down the movement, then perform the reps. Then the next team member will go retrieve and egg when all teammates have finished the reps.This will go on until all 11 eggs are opened and written down.FROM THIS POINT ON, YOU WILL AMRAP THE 11 MOVEMENTS YOU WROTE DOWN AT YOUR OWN PACE. NOT AT THE SAME TIME WITH YOUR TEAM.Each group of teammates will have a different order in which the movements are in.Some teams may have back to back of the same movement, others will not.Your goal is to get through the list as many times as possible in 30:00.

The Movements

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