Challenge Details & Tuesday: 3/3/20

September 27, 2022
Challenge Details & Tuesday: 3/3/20

Nutrition Challenge 2020

March 16th-April 26th (6 weeks)

It's that simple folks!Best Part....


The video at the bottom of this post does a great job of summing up the Challenge



  1. Set your shoulders back and down by retracting and depressing them. By setting the upper back, you stabilize the shoulders and allow the back and bicep muscles to work exclusively in this movement. Failure to stabilize the shoulder complex could result in shoulder discomfort or overuse injury. Additionally, be sure to pull your belly button (navel) into the body, making sure to contract the core and glutes, much like you would in the plank/hollow hold.
  2. Once set, pull the chest and chin to the barbell by way of the biceps and the back muscles. Think about pulling the bar to your chest so that the elbows drive into your back pockets. You can also think about driving the elbows through the floor as you pull yourself upwards.
  3. Once you have arrived at the top of the bar, stabilize your body and then lower yourself to the start position under control. Be sure to keep tension on the back and biceps throughout this moment, and always secure a stable core and shoulder girdle prior to proceeding into another repetition.

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