Challenge Starts In One Week: 3/9/2020

September 27, 2022
Challenge Starts In One Week: 3/9/2020

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Everything you need to know in regards to our upcoming Fitness and Nutrition Challenge can be found above.

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Tips for a better THRUSTER:Drive through your heelsThe first aspect of the thruster is either going to be a clean, or a power clean into a front squat. With both of those movements, you want to drive up through your heels. As soon as you come onto your toes, you are generating momentum forward and you have nothing to push off against, meaning you will instantly lose power.Your hips and legs are your best friendsKeeping you knees out helps to engage your hips and generate power to move the weight up. Drive your knees out and push up forcefully to generate momentum to get the bar overhead, saving your arms from having to do extra work.Keep your elbows upThe first part of the movement is a clean or a front squatif your elbows are down, then all the weight from the bar will be pulling you down too, making it that much harder to stand up. Keep your elbows nice and high to create a solid base for the bar to rest on your shoulders, which will allow you to pop the bar off your body when you drive through your legs.Keep the movement fluidThe best way to do this movement is in one fluid motion. You should be able to do it in one motionotherwise the weight is not appropriate.Dont have a tight gripAt least when the bar is in the front rack position. A tight grip can quickly fatigue your forearms during thrusters, so loosen your grip when you can. When the bar is overhead, tighten your grip slightly to prevent the bar from wobbling or dropping unexpectedly.Rest at the TopInstead of resting with the bar in the front rack, try resting at the top. When you arms are locked out overhead, take an extra second to rest there if needed. It will help keep your momentum for the next rep.Box Life Magazine

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