Elbows and Squats: 9/3/19

September 27, 2022
Elbows and Squats: 9/3/19

Do you ever think about your elbows when youre squatting? How to place them? Whats their role? How could they help or even "hinder" your squats?Well, when you keep your elbows down, the bars load remains evenly distributed perpendicularly on your body, down to your mid feet, placing most of the stress on your quads & decreasing the stress on your back. Instead, flaring your elbows backwards increases the chances of "falling forward" by pushing the weight to the front of your feet, possibly increasing the stress on your lower back.Always keep an eye on your elbows and make sure you keep them down & neutral, not back. Sure, lots of people are very flexible and can keep the load evenly distributed even with their elbows backwards, but, that doesnt apply to most of us! Courtesy of Pheasqoue Instagram

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