Fitness Friday 4/29/22

September 23, 2022
Fitness Friday 4/29/22

NO 5:40pm on Friday

We removed the 5:40pm class from the schedule THIS FRIDAY ONLY so we could get all coaches together for a meeting. The 4:30pm class will be waiting for you!

The Board

The Mobility

Child Birthing on Wall :)

The Warm-Up

The Strength


The shuttle runs and toes to bar reps stay the same the entire work-out. The Cleans follow an Up Ladder, Down Ladder rep scheme with the weight changing mid-way through.For the shuttle runs.....You will start at the garage door. Run straight ahead to the 50m mark that is in the gravel (not the one we did last week near the circle). TOUCH DOWN, then run back to the garage door. TOUCH DOWN, then run to the 25m mark, TOUCH DOWN, then run through the door to the rig for your Toes to Bar.TTB/KAH/Toe RaisesOn the first set, you will perform 1 Squat Clean, then repeat it all over again, this time doing 2 squat cleans.When the set of 5 squat cleans is complete, you will remove some weight from your bar, then work your way back down the clean ladder.If you do not finish, check out the fine print... This will be scored by total rounds complete.

The Finisher

Skull Crushers

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