Fitness Friday 6/17/22

September 23, 2022
Fitness Friday 6/17/22

Most Likely To....

802 CrossFit superlatives are here!���� One more fun addition to our Homecoming Party July 16th! Even if you cannot attend, we'd love to hear who gets your vote!���� You can skip any you don't have a vote for.There is one typo on party start time which is 2pm, not 3pm. Check out all the categories and vote HERE!

Fitness Friday

The Mobility


For 8:00 you will work through the following movements. One of the best primers for deadlifts is the banded DL activates, make sure you take time to do those properly.

You will begin doing the DL and work up to the weight you want to start with for the strength.

The Strength

On a 2:30 loop you will complete 3 rounds of 8 reps of DL, and then 3 rounds of 4 reps of DL. We will be recording your heaviest set of 4.

The Met-con

15:00 Up LadderYou will complete an up ladder including running, deadlifts, and double unders (DU)

The Finisher

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