Fitness Friday 7/16/21

September 27, 2022
Fitness Friday 7/16/21

Anniversary Party

Our Anniversary Party is SATURDAY! Bring your friends, bring your family! We will be celebrating from 12-4 (+/-).Sign-Up for the Double Dare games HERE by Thursday so we can make teams!

The Board

The Mobility

The Strength

We will be working from the Rig on this one. Remember all those mechanics we have been practicing with our Dip and Drive.Those of you that are newer to CrossFit, you will not do split jerks. You will do 3 Push Presses and 3 Push Jerks Insead.

The Active Rest

Please do not omit this. You will want to warm-up for the heavier dumbbell and pistols. See below for scaling options.


It has been a minute since we've seen a lot in this WOD. There will be people scaling ALL over the place and that is ok.

  1. Ring Dips are Rx Ring Dips only. All scaling will be done from the box. Don't worry, you will be seeing this more and we will have more time to practice on the rings.
  2. IF YOU DID THE HEAVIER DB LAST WEEK DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD DO IT THIS WEEK. The movement is very different and is asking you to commit to 2 reps in a row rather than 1. BE SMART. Use one of the in between dumbbells out back if you want to challenge yourself more, but aren't quite ready for the bigger dumbbells just yet.

The Finisher

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