Fitness Friday 7/21/23

July 20, 2023
Fitness Friday 7/21/23

The Mobility

Glute Foam Roll

Lat Foam Roll

The Warm-up

10-12 minutes working through the following movements

Lying T-Spine

Tap Swings & Tap Swing Pulls

Build Deadlift

Wall Ball Build (Air Squat --> MB Toss --> Wall Balls )

Gymnastics Build:

Ring Rows --> Pull-Ups

Chest to Bar Pull-Up

-->Ring Muscle Up / Bar Muscle Up

The Met-con

Every Minute on the Minute for 30:00

6 Rounds of:

Minute 1 - Run

*Needs to be under a minute, ideally :45-:50

Minute 2 - Ring Muscle Up / Bar Muscle Up / Chest to Bar Pull-Up / Pull-Ups

Minute 3 - Curtsy Squats

Minute 4 - Deadlift

Minute 5 - Wall Balls

* 3 Scores - Pull-ups (or any variation of gymnastics movements), deadlifts, wall-balls

*Pick your gymnastic movement that will challenge you, but help you develop your skill-set. If that is jumping pull-ups or other variation, do that. If you chose BMU or RMU, make sure you have those movements and don't just keep failing reps! This is a place to learn and grow in this station. You can also not just stick to one movement, you can alternate between BMU, RMU, and C2B if that is your choice.

The Finisher

Good Mornings (barbell)

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