Fitness Friday 9/1/23

August 31, 2023
Fitness Friday 9/1/23

The Mobility

The Warm-up

9:00 Working through following movements

:30 Mono

Narrow Swings

Figure 4’s

PVC-->BB Overhead Squat

The Strength

10:00 General Warm-up:

Phelps Swings



Station Specific Warm-up

Station #1

Cal Bike

Tap Swings-->Tap Swing Pulls-->Pull-Ups

*Or work up to what you want to do for your gymnastics movement.

Station #2

Gravel Jog

3 Dbl DP Build

10 Mt. Climbers

Station #3

Step-Ups-->Box Jumps

Stroke cal Test


The Met-Con

8:00 Stations with a 4:00 Transition

Station #1

On a 2:00 Loop

Calorie Echo

As Many RMU/BMU/Chest to Bar Pull-Up/Pull-Ups As Possible with Time Remaining

Station #2

Buy in:


As Many Rounds/Repetitions in Time Remaining of:

Devils Press (double db)

Walking Lunge (out 10m)

Station #3

As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible in 8:00


Box Jumps

Calorie Row

The Finisher

EZ Bar Curls

Ring Dips

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