Fitness Friday 9/23/22

September 22, 2022
Fitness Friday 9/23/22


PVC Front Rack Stretch/ Prize Squat

Lat Foam Roll/Scapular Mobility (Foam Roll & Lax Smash)


Your coach will have you assigned to a specific station for the met-con, so you will do that specific warm-up for the station.

Station #1

Echo/Assault Bike

Front Squat Build


Station #2

Strokes on Rower

(light) Alternating Dumbbell STOH

Tap Swing-->Tap Swing Pull -->Pull-up

Handstand Hold -->HSPU

Station #3

1 Round

:60 Row then As Many Rounds/Repetitions As Possible

Mckenzie Press Ups


Ball Carries

Step-up --> Box Jump


Each station is 8:00 with a 5:00 transition time

Station #1

On a 2:00

Front Squat from the Ground

Into :30 Echo/ Assault Bike Sprint

*no score for this station

Station #2

As Many HSPU As Possible on a 2:00 Loop


Air Squats

Handstand Pushup (HSPU)

*You will complete the set number of repetitions for the pull-ups and air-squats and then in the time remaining in the 2:00, you will do as many HSPU as possible.

*Scaling options include pike HSPU or seated Overhead Press

Station #3

As Many Rounds/ Repetitions As Possible in 8:00

D-ball Bear Hug Carry

Box Jump Over


Hand-over-hand sled pull

Sled sprint

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