Free Trial Thursday 5/25/23

May 24, 2023
Free Trial Thursday 5/25/23


Free Trial Thursday attendees will focus mainly on THE WORK-OUT description and videos to go with it below. We will guide you through the warm-up and go over the work-out details when the rest of the class is doing THE STRENGTH session of the class.

All work-outs will be scaled to meet individual need and abilities, no matter your current level of fitness..

All questions will be answered when you arrive!

The Mobility

Pec Smash

Door Frames

The Warm-up

7:00 working through the following movements




Incline Chest Press (DB from bench)

Down Dog Toe Touch

The Strength

6-7 Rounds on a 3:00 loop

Incline Chest Press (DB from bench)

Active rest = Alternate between  Row and  Run

The Met-con

As Many Calories and Repetitions as Possible in 22:00 with a Partner

Athlete 1 - Rows for calories

Athlete 2 - 1 Round of


Box Jumps

Air Squats

Dumbbell Hang Power Snatch (DB HPS)

* score is total calories and total rounds/repetitions completed in 22:00

The Finisher

Bicycle Crunch

Dips (Bench)

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